Environment Films

SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - Wherever we work, we take great care not to encroach or interfere with the local wildlife or surrounding habitats and in some field commissions we conduct a research session or reconnaissance prior to filming to be sure that our presence in a particular area is not going to have a negative impact.

With the help of treesforcities.org we plant a sapling tree within a city for every film we produce.

EF will not undertake work for any company that is directly involved or promotes industry associated with fossil fuels; arms and weapons; alcohol or tobacco as well as companies that use animals in entertainment, food, clothing, cosmetics or household products. EF are vegan.

EF banks with the Co-operative due to their ethical and environmental policies and continued commitments to social issues.

EF endeavour to use public transport and if working with a large crew or equipment, we hire vehicles from companies with good ethical commitments.

We avoid flying within Europe, limit the company to three long haul productions per year and do our best to keep our office as energy efficient as possible. We avoid products that have been sourced from unsustainable forests and where possible refrain from using Palm Oil derived products. Our stationary supplier is The Green Stationery Company; all of our printing materials are FSC certified and we find ways to recycle almost everything that comes through our offices.

We try to avoid the use of plastic in our manufactured products for example BioBoxes, which are made from 100% recycled plastic and are biodegradable in landfill conditions, are used for DVD production and vegetable inks are used in the printing process.

We are constantly reviewing our responsibilities and always looking for ways to improve our relationship with people, animals and the environment. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions on how we could improve our code of conduct please contact us. 

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