Environment Films is an award winning production company, a collective of creative and broad thinking individuals, all with a deep-rooted passion for the environment, human and animal ethics. EF produce films, documentaries and viral campaigns for organisations whose work and interests are connected to the natural world. Founded on ethical principles, our concern was that many charities and NGOs were not able to enjoy the benefits of quality media because of the cost implications and as a result were often failing to reach the all-important audience to which their critical campaigns were aimed. Environment Films sincere commitment to such causes has seen the company provide a non-profit service to charities and NGOs since September 2008. The success and quality of our charity productions is reflected in their far reaching impact and the increased awareness they have brought to a range of campaigns, making Environment Films the first choice for charities and ethical, sustainable businesses alike. To ensure Environment Films was a sustainable model (enabling the company to continue working for charities on non-profit terms), in 2010 the company began to produce media for select corporate clients. The type of companies we work for are outlined within our Social and Environmental Responsibility.