Stephen Fry

"I'm sure the end result will be excellent and will achieve its goal." 

- Stephen Fry

Oliver Dee
Will Young

"Great fun spending the morning with you. Thanks guys." 

- Will Young

Oliver Dee
Judi Dench

"It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to seeing you again
for something I am sure will be equally important."

- Dame Judi Dench

Oliver Dee
David Attenborough

"I wish Environment Films every success in their important missions."

- Sir David Attenborough

Oliver Dee
Julia Mclaren

“Remarkable talent. They mindfully blended into the daily functions,
never upsetting routine or compromising the animals needs. They became us for a few days.” 

- Julia Mclaren, Manager, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Oliver Dee
Sharon Johnson

“Hugely impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine understanding of the project, what a team.”

- Sharon Johnson, Chief Executive, Trees for Cities

Oliver Dee
Gill Maltby

“By unanimous decision, EF has been selected as this years ‘Business Supporter of the Year Award’.  one of our long term supporters, they are willing to help out in any way and their expertise has been invaluable on so many occasions.”

- Gill Maltby, UK Director, Animals Asia Foundation

Oliver Dee
John Dalley

“Quite remarkable!

I cannot imagine any other company could produce a better finished product.” 

- John Dalley, Manager, Soi Dog Foundation

Oliver Dee
Dave Neal

“EF took our raw footage and made a programme so incredibly powerful that it sent shock waves around the world.”

- Dave Neal, UK Welfare Director, Animals Asia Foundation. 

Oliver Dee
Fiona Dear

"WOW to receive the film the day after it was filmed! Incredible.” 

- Fiona Dear, Global Climate Change

Oliver Dee
Jill Robinson

“I feel deeply emotional with what you’ve produced.
The film is perfection and I hope it can be seen far and wide as it much deserves.” 

- Jill Robinson MBE, Founder / CEO Animals Asia Foundation

Oliver Dee
Ian Tennant

"Everyone involved in the project agreed EF did a smashing job.
Highly recommended on all levels. The first of many together."

- Ian Tennant, Trust Manager, Resurgence Magazine

Oliver Dee
Benjamin Zephaniah

"I have a lot of time for these filmmakers who have a real sense of purpose. What they do matters.
I'm impressed by their whole body of work."

- Benjamin Zephaniah, Writer and Poet

Oliver Dee
Garrett Emmerson

"EF have set the benchmark for TfL films and we'e already asked them to make more."

- Garrett Emmerson, CEO, Transport for London

Oliver Dee
Terry Waite

"Always a pleasure. Charming professionals with whom it's a delight to work. They have the unique ability to bring out the best in every situation and produce an excellent finished product."

- Terry Waite CBE, Humanitarian and Author

Oliver Dee